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Comprehensive Guide To Kratom

Kratom: What is it and how is it used?

Kratom, (Mitragyna Speciosa) is an herbal plant that grows in Southeast Asia, primarily Indonesia. It’s related to the coffee family and has been used for centuries by the indigenous people for its stimulant effects.

In recent years, Kratom has become increasingly popular in the West as people have begun to discover the numerous benefits of Kratom as an herbal supplement. Kratom is generally sold in powder form, in capsules, or as an extract. It can also be consumed as a tea by boiling or dissolving Kratom in hot water.

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The effects of Kratom vary depending on the strain, the dose, and the individual. The dosage determines the overall effect, with lower doses typically being uplifting, and higher doses resulting in more relaxation. The effects of Kratom usually last from three to five hours, although some people report that the effects last longer. Finding the appropriate dosage that suits your requirements is usually all it takes to have a good experience with Kratom. Start with a small dose and work your way up to the level that you are comfortable with.

The strains determine the effects, and mixing strains produce unique effects. At SWKratom, we carry 100% pure Green, White, and Red Kratom. We also carry an amazing variety of specialized blends that we create in-house. You will find the blend ratios next to the product names in our shop. Our Yellow line is a mixture of Red and Green strains that have been carefully crafted for a unique experience. Come on in and talk to our knowledgeable staff about our products and find the blend that is right for you. Below is a list of commonly reported effects.

Kratom: Typical effects of Kratom strains

Green Kratom:

Green Kratom is a strain that has milder and longer-lasting effects compared to the other strains of Kratom. Green Kratom is known for its high alkaloid content, which provides a wide range of beneficial effects. This strain is considered balanced and can meet the needs of almost anyone. Some of the general benefits/effects of Green Kratom include:

- Energy boost: Provides a moderate energy boost without causing anxiety.

- Relaxation: Offers a mild sense of relaxation while maintaining focus and energy.

- Focus increase: Enhances focus without overstimulating the brain.

- Mood enhancement: Lifts mood and promotes a general feeling of well-being.

White Kratom:

White Kratom is a strain that is known for its energizing and stimulating effects. It reportedly helps with focus and alertness, and at lower doses, it provides calmness with more energy. As the dose increases, it starts to become increasingly relaxing. White Kratom is popular for its clean and classic effects, as it typically has a high alkaloid percentage. Some of the general benefits/effects of White Kratom include:

- Energy boost: Most energizing among the strains, especially at lower doses.

- Relaxation: Provides calmness with more energy at lower doses, but becomes increasingly sedating at higher doses.

- Focus increase: Boosts mental energy and focus.

- Mood enhancement: Improves mood and promotes a cheerful attitude.

Red Kratom:

Red Kratom is a highly potent and effective strain known for its unique benefits. It is an excellent mood enhancer, and is highly relaxing. Red Kratom is great for bedtime or to relax after a long day at work. Some of the general benefits/effects of Red Kratom include:

- Energy boost: Not known for its energy-boosting effects, but Red Maeng Da Kratom can provide mild boost of energy.

- Relaxation: Highly effective in providing relaxation and mental calmness.

- Focus increase: Not specifically known for focus increase.

- Mood enhancement: Enhances mood and provides a sense of optimism and peace.

Yellow Kratom:

Our Yellow Kratom is a custom blend of mostly Red strain mixed with Green strain. This combination is known for its potency and effects. Yellow Kratom is well-loved for the unique experience it offers, providing a relaxing and mellow blend. Some of the most notable effects of Yellow Kratom include mood elevation and relaxation, helping users feel more optimistic, uplifted, and relaxed.

- Energy boost: Stimulates the system, boosting focus and energy levels.

- Relaxation: Provides a relaxing and mellow experience.

- Focus increase: Increases focus by getting rid of fatigue.

- Mood enhancement: Elevates mood, making users feel more optimistic and uplifted.

Kratom: Product forms available at SWKratom

Product Forms:

Powders and Capsules:

Experience our versatile product line available 2 particle sizes of powder, nano or micro. The difference between nano and micro Kratom powder lies in the particle size of the Kratom powder. Nano Kratom refers to a specific type of Kratom product that has undergone a process called nanotechnology, which involves breaking down the Kratom particles into smaller, nano-sized particles (1 nm to around 100 nm). This results in a Kratom product with enhanced bioavailability and potentially faster onset of effects compared to traditional Kratom powder or capsules.


Capsules are available in micro or nano. All strains available in powder form are available in capsule form. Each capsule contains .5 - .6 grams of powder, which is a good starter dose.


This is a concentrated form of the Kratom powders. As the name implies, they are a stronger, more potent dosage. You can get it in powder or capsule form. This form of Kratom is only recommended for people who are used to the effects.


Talk to your doctor:

The following information is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. This product is not designed to cure, diagnose, or address any medical condition. Prior to incorporating any supplements or natural remedies into your routine, it is strongly advised to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare professional. Please use this product as a supplement and avoid excessive consumption.


This product is for adults 21 and over. As with any supplement, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! In case of accidental ingestion, contact poison control immediately.