About Us

Before we started Southwest Kratom, we were advocates for Kratom, and worked with groups like the American Kratom Association. We wanted to educate our representatives about Kratom, provide science as well as testimonies, on how Kratom has helped so many people, including ourselves. We started our own business because we know the industry very well, we know great farmers in different countries, and can cut the middle man out and offer affordable prices. We conduct full panel lab tests on our Kratom for adulterants, alkaloid content, heavy metals, and bacteria, and the results are always posted in our shop.

We started off at the Tanque Verde Swap meet, and now have a building at 5315 E. Broadway Blvd. Suite #102. We will be setting up at the Tanque Verdy Swap Meet on certain weekends, more TBA.

We carry over a dozen Kratom strains in Green, Red, White, and Yellow Strains. We sell Kratom in half ounces, ounces, quarter pounds, quarter kilos, half kilos, and kilos. We carry a wide selection of Kratom Extract products, such as tablets, capsules, and liquid gel caps, as well as Kratom Shots, Kratom gummies, Kratom Mints, and even Kratom Cappucinos! In addition to Kratom, we specialize in Kava products, and we have many different types of herbs such as Blue Lotus, Hirsuta, Tong Kat Ali, Moringa, Cat's Claw, Valerian Root, Chamomile Flower, California Poppy Flower, Gun Powder Green Tea, Green Tea Extract, Ceremonial Matcha, and Turmeric.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple. Provide affordable but quality products. We also vow to take a % of our profits and donate it back into the Kratom Community so groups like the American Kratom Association (AKA) and the Botanical Education Alliance (BEA) can keep educating and fighting for these wonderful herbs.

We are committed to providing amazing herbal products for a better lifestyle.


Jason was diagnosed with Migraines at age 7 and currently has daily migraines, Blebs disease, and fibromyalgia.

He went to school for Networking and Advanced Linux where he received certifications. After college he worked for a company importing gem and minerals. Then later worked in the medical marijuana industry where he learned plant biology. But became part disabled after becoming ill with daily migraines and fibromyalgia.

Since Kratom has helped Jason so much he likes to advocate as much as possible. Jason is the state captain for Arizona in the American Kratom Association and has met with several senators and representatives about Kratom, and is currently still advocating. If you have questions about Kratom, Jason is extremely knowledgeable.


Matthew is a Navy veteran who has served over 6 tours and has been all over the world. He was combat discharged in 2014 and moved back to Tucson, Arizona. He has a wonderful wife and 2 kids. Matthew handles most of the production. He is an incredible handy man and can fix about anything.

Matthew struggles with PTSD and brain issues from an anti malaria drug that was given to him in Africa while serving his country.  Since Kratom has helped him a lot he also advocates with Jason and has met with Arizona senators and representatives.

Without all you great Kratom warriors non of this would be possible. A big thanks for all your persistence and hard work. We look forward working with you.

We are a family and veteran owned business.