The Indonesian Health Ministry has Issued letters to the farmers to stop growing and selling Kratom within 5 years and transition to another crop. The letter has not been ratified by the overall Indonesian government. This has caused confusion among the Kratom community.

The American Kratom Association is sending a delegation team back to Indonesia in mid July. The team will consist of scientist, politicians, lobbyist, and others who will meet with kery members of the Indoneisan government with more talks.

We have been told their are other Ministries in Indonesia whom does not want to see a ban on growing and selling Kratom. They see how much Kratom is benifiting their economy and have heard that its extremley benefiting America. Kraom has benefited so many in Indonesia as well.

Please go to the American Kratom Association (AKA) and donate. Even if its $1 or $5 anything will help. This fight is very expensive but a must if we want to keep Kratom around. This is a very serious situation

(The AKA saved Kratom in Az back in 2014 from being banned and help the Kratom Protection Bill get passed in the Az congress.)