Green Borneo Capsules - 300 Pack

Green Borneo Capsules - 300 Pack


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3 Packs of 100 Kratom capsules (approximately 210 grams)

We use size 00 capsules which holds approximately .6 to .7 grams of Kratom powder. We pack our capsules to the max.

* You can mix and match 100 packs meaning you can choose 3 different 100 packs of Kratom. Such as 100 pack of Green Borneo, 100 pack of White MaengDa, and 100 pack of Red Borneo, If you wish to mix and match then please put in the NOTES WHEN YOU CHECK OUT what other strain(s) you would like. Such as in the notes just put:

100 Green Borneo, 100 White MaengDa, 100 Red Boreno (or whatever the strains you want).

* Lab Tested Kratom